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Used helicopter sales

2008 EMS AW109E Power - SOLD

This November 2008 AW109E EMS Power has operated on Sloane Helicopters’ fleet from new and has a total time of 2,260 hours.

The aircraft comprises an EMS interior with a single stretcher, third ICS station in passenger cabin, aft facing sliding/rotating seat and medical cabinet. It affords an advanced avionics suite encompassing a full Single Pilot IFR FAA/EASA avionic package, BendixKing KMD550 moving map and a TAS 497 Traffic Advisory System. Additional equipment includes ISEI UMS installation, emergency float provisions and a 1.9m baggage compartment extension and air conditioning ECU (Environmental Control Unit).

The aircraft has been operated and maintained from new by Sloane Helicopters - an authorised Leonardo Service Centre.

Price: Sold

Year of Construction: 2008

Total Time Since New: 2,260

Engine: Pratt & Whitney PW206C engines

Airworthiness Review Certificate due: 12th November 2018

Annual Inspection Due: October 2018


Single Pilot IFR Avionic Package:

  • AC system (two inverters)
  • Pilot navigation instruments including:
    • LCD EADI and EHSI
    • Standby ADI
    • Honeywell gyrocompass C14A
    • Flightline System vertical gyro (No.1) 46060-11
    • Jet Electronics vertical gyro (No.2) VG 208
    • Honeywell AFCS three axis duplex SP711
    • King ADF KR87
    • BendixKing transponder (Mode S) KT73
    • BendixKing dual VHF-COM/NAV KX165
  • Agusta/Gemelli ICS pilot/co-pilot AG-06-1U
  • BendixKing DME KDM 706A
  • BendixKing Marker Beacon KMR675
  • Co-pilot flight/navigation instruments including:
    • LCD EADI and EHSI
    • Barometric altimeter
    • Air speed indicator
    • Vertical speed indicator
  • Honeywell flight director and autotrim FZ702
  • Honeywell radio altimeter AA300
  • Artex C406-2HM ELT
  • Trimble GPS interfaced with EHSI and B-RNAV function 2101 I/O
  • EFIS pilot/co-pilot on command switch
  • BendixKing moving map KMD550
  • TAS 497 Traffic Advisory System

Additional Equipment:

  • Customised paint scheme
  • 1.9m baggage compartment extinsion
  • High-intensity strobe lights on horizontal stabilizer
  • Emergency float provisions
  • Air conditioning ECU (Environmental Control Unit)
  • External hoist provisions including step bar
  • SX-16 night sun searchlight provision
  • Pulsed chip detectors
  • Provision of CH250 TETRA system
  • ISEI UMS installation


EMS Interior

Standard Dual Litter EMS installation including:

  • Head liner with soundproofing and EMS provisions
  • Side liners LH and RH with EMS provisions
  • Aft EMS liners with rails
  • Bench panels with rear EMS provisions and stretcher rear lock mechanism
  • Stretcher platform provision
  • Cargo net provision
  • Floor equipped with rails and drains
  • EMS electrical system
  • Third ICS station in passenger cabin
  • Sliders on cockpit and cabin door windows
  • Single stretcher removable parts
  • Medical cabinet with oxygen system provisions
  • Seats and stretcher covered with leatherette
  • Aft facing sliding/rotating seat
  • Foldable forward facing seats with headrests (qty two)
  • Three-point shoulder harness with inertia reels for all passenger seats
  • Rubber floor

Interior Arrangement

  • Two individual pilot seats, fore and aft adjustable with lap belts and headrests
  • Pilot/co-pilot reversible seat
  • Pilot/co-pilot seat headrests
  • Active noise reduction headsets (qty three)
  • Aluminium alloy honeycomb reinforced floor with anti-skid finishing
  • Ventilation ram air inlets
  • Anti-reflection instrument panel
  • Reclined rear cabin bulkhead
  • Primer finished cabin walls
  • Vibration dampers installation


Yellow with blue trim

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